Ever-Beauty Investment Company Limited was established in 1991. Based on the team's acumen with skincare sciences and their extensive dermatology and biomedical backgrounds, the company delivers professional supports to skincare routines while sharing high-calibre advice for self-care habits. We started with one retail shop and later on, successfully opened another one, Ever-Beauty Skin Care and Products Center in Central and in Wanchai respectively. We also launched our online platform including e-shop and app-store, so as to satisfy the ever-expanding demands from our clients for the variety of services available. Altogether fulfilling, we uphold the holistic satisfactions from our customers with our competitive range of products.

Ever-Beauty, having accumulated beyond three decades of experience, and we sustain satisfying services and products by cooperating with reputable manufacturers. Our team reaches out globally; seeking to compile the best combination of formulations for every single client.

Throughout these fruitful 30-plus years, our motto remains loyal for the thirst to provide practical, professional and caring services to our customers. We understand ways by which our skin reflects our health, and thus, we tailor our products and therapies to resolve deep-seated issues that our customers face. This is the beginning of a journey for all-rounded health development of the Skin and the pilgrimage of Natural Beauty.